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About Our Website Translations


What Are the Benefits of Choosing MET Translation Office?

  • At MET, we make every effort to ensure that the translation of the website, blog or any other internet platform you have ordered will attract as many customers - and in this way as much profit - from other countries as possible.
  • For this purpose, our web translators will, to the maximum degree, identify with the business interests and the products or services of our clients.
  • During the translation of online texts, our translators will carefully retain the look and structure of your website, blog, press release, or any other promotional material.
  • In order to help the work of our clients, captions of photos are translated in a format and at a length that is easy to insert.


How Do We Meet the Needs of Foreign Markets?

  • If you choose MET Translation Office and order the translation or proofreading of your website, blog or any other online advertising materials from us, you can be sure to get professional and precise work that will also appeal to the members of your chosen foreign target group(s).
  • Both the style and the content of our translations and proofreading will meet the generally accepted standards of online texts in the given foreign target market.
  • We are proud of our website translators as - in addition to having spent several years living abroad - they are constantly training themselves in their field of expertise.
  • Before starting the translation, we expect our translators to always check out the websites and other online appearances of their competitors with regards to the description of the products or services to be translated.
  • Technical terms are translated with exceptional accuracy, professionalism, and attention to the details - and then such terms are used consistently throughout the translation.
  • When online texts are translated or proofread - at MET Translation Office - we also take into account the aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • For this purpose, we analyze the characteristics of terms and styles used by foreign websites advertising the same products or services that rank on the top of the Google search list.
  • During translation or proofreading, we strive to achieve even better results to ensure that your website will get the highest possible ranking in the Google search list.


What Extras Can We Offer in Addition to Translations?

  1. You can entrust the proofreading (checking and correction) of the existing translation of your online texts to MET Translation Office.
  2. We guarantee - with the expertise and experience of our online translators - that these will cause no problems for you in the future.
  3. The fee of proofreading is also favourable as it is only 50% of the fee that we would charge for the translation of the same text.


How Do We Integrate Our Translation into Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process?

  • The interests of our clients are of primary importance for us, therefore, during translation or proofreading, we are ready to adapt to the instructions of their web developer and/or SEO specialist.
  • We check the foreign language equivalents of their Hungarian keywords in Google Ads Keyword Planner, as well as other foreign website and keyword research tools.
  • Then, we incorporate such keywords into the translated text with their inflected forms and synonyms (words of similar, though not identical meaning), which are the most suitable for SEO (with low CPC/PPC and high CTR/CPA values), as well as long-tail keywords consisting of more than 2 or 3 words besides the above keywords.
  • When we select the frequency of the keywords, our goal is to achieve that Google will find the text natural; and the website, blog or any other online advertisement will appear at the top of the search list.
  • Based on many years of experience of the web translators, as well as on our advanced technical background, you may also request us to insert certain parts of the translated text between the HTML codes of the original text, as appropriate.


Who is Recommended to Use Our Translation and Proofreading Services?

  • Domestic and foreign large enterprises, medium and small businesses, private entrepreneurs or individuals can equally have a peace of mind when ordering the translation of a website, blog, or any other online text, or the proofreading of their existing translations from us.
  • We guarantee that the translated or proofread texts prepared by our conscientious, skilled and experienced translators will attract a lot more customers from abroad than from Hungary.


How to Request a Quote?

  1. We read the text you have sent, or the linked website, blog, or any other online material, and determine its length and degree of difficulty.
  2. The translation fee is calculated based on the length of the original text, so you will not be faced with an unpleasant surprise in respect of the costs after the translation or proofreading has been completed.
  3. Then, we send you our quote for the translation or proofreading.
  4. After receiving your confirmation about the acceptance of the fee, we agree on the deadline.



How Can You Contact Us If You Have Any More Questions?

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The uploaded texts arrive at our domain email account secured by an SSL authorization. Compliant to the GDPR regulations, all personal information, texts, and translations will be treated strictly confidentially. Texts that are not translated by us will be irreversibly deleted.
We can offer all of our services exempted from VAT as our company is not registered under VAT. Naturally, we will provide you with an invoice through the official, sequential system of számlá Our invoices are considered paper-based and are payable by bank transfer.