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Why Are Our Translations Different?


At the translation office of MET Kft., we regard each text we translate as valuable as if it had been written by us.

After a careful selection process, we only work with such translators, who share these values with us, take part in the preservation thereof; who are committed to the languages they translate to and from and who approach the translated professional area(s) with curiosity, , interest and openness. Our professionally well-prepared translators who have spent more years abroad to practice their language(s) do their jobs with due diligence and all of our translations are subject to stringent, multi-stage quality control, thus, it will not be necessary to perform any proofreading on them. Our professional background enables us to offer the service of proofreading and editing of texts that were translated by someone else or were originally written in the target language. At MET Translator Office, we prepare high-quality translations quickly and we are also available at weekends without requesting any additional fee for urgent translations. Thus, we are able to guarantee an outstanding price-quality ratio to our clients. In the past year, we have done significant software development, thus, besides the private and SMS sector, we are also able to satisfy the translation needs of large enterprises, public institutions, non-profit organizations in the appropriate quality by the required deadline. We do our best to be able to offer our translations with the best possible price-quality ratio, thus improving the quality of life of our private clients. We intend to contribute to the maintenance of the service and product levels of our corporate clients, thereby enhancing the success of their business, while in case of public institutions and non-profit organizations, to the development of their service palette in order to be able to provide the highest possible services to their customers.

Learning Parrot Fashion or by Quizlet?


Do you find it hard to memorize new words?

After long years of searching, I have found an easy solution. And what's more? It's free of charge!
Once, when I was an examiner at the Euro language exam, I realized how discontented the other teacher was with the vocabulary of the candidates.
So I asked her: "How do you achieve that your students know the words better?"
"We use Quizlet!" she said enthusiastically with a big smile on her face. "You just visit the site of Quizlet on the net, register yourself, and then you can create your own sets of words and expressions," she added.
I tried it already during that week. To test it, I wrote word cards for myself with not the most interesting special technical terms of financial English.
Next day, using my mobile phone while sitting on the tram, I started to practice with Quizlet:

  • matching,
  • spelling,
  • asking myself from English to Hungarian and vice versa,
  • 'Gravity', testing myself with a time limit.

Suddenly, I realized that I was two tram stops further than I had originally wanted to travel!

By Quizlet, I got fully immersed (=involved) in learning the words.
While I was testing myself with shorter and shorter time limits, I forgot to get off the tram!

Are you bored with learning the words parrot-fashion for long hours or you do not have enough time for it?

Quizlet's mission is "to help students practice and master whatever they are learning."
Quizlet is also good for learning languages - it decreases the stress on the learner and makes learning enjoyable.

Try learning words with Quizlet! I am sure you will enjoy it!

Try Quizlet free of charge by clicking here now: I want to try Quizlet 

The usefulness of Quizlet is best proven by the fact that it is used by 50 million active users in 130 countries, who have created 300 million sets of learner's cards so far. Amazing data, aren't they?

If you have any question or technical difficulty, or you need more information on language learning, you can contact us by filling in the Contact Form below.

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We can offer all of our services exempted from VAT as our company is not registered under VAT. Naturally, we will provide you with an invoice through the official, sequential system of számlá Our invoices are considered paper-based and are payable by bank transfer.