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Why Choose Our Translators?


16 Reasons Why It Is Better to Choose Our Translators than Freelancers from the Internet

  1. We have already worked with our translators and tried their skills several times. We know them, and they have proved to be reliable and professional.
  2. All of our translators sign a confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreement. Therefore, you can be sure that your text, translation and all other data of yours will be kept strictly confidential.
  3. We are a company making payments in time and within a short deadline, so the translators would like to work for us in the future as well. Thus, they submit their translations with the best possible quality and on time.
  4. We have the professional background for checking the submitted translations carefully.
  5. Our translators are aware of this fact, so they are willing to accept criticism received from us easier than from someone they do not know well yet.
  6. Our colleagues can offer professional translation services, and they have in-depth knowledge of their specialist areas, such as business, law, technology or medicine. Please read more about our areas of expertise: Translation and Proofreading
  7. With the help of our up-to-date database, we keep contact with several translators in the same area of expertise. If you order long texts with short deadlines for translation, we can share them between more translators.
  8. We also have professional experts for checking the consistency of the completed translations to ensure that their style and terminology are consistent.
  9. Due to our extensive pool of translators, if a translator cannot complete the job for any reason - a sudden illness, an accident, etc. - another translator with the same qualities can take his/her place.
  10. If you order translations in several languages or in different areas of expertise, you will not need to hire individual translators separately.
  11. Our office environment is kept to a bare minimum, so we can keep our prices low.
  12. We do not ask for advance payment, and our invoices are issued with a due date of 31 days. Upon request, in case of bulk orders and large or regular clients, the term of payment may be longer, up to 90 days.
  13. Our invoices are prepared within the closed system of számlá, so they are valid without signature and stamp - and you can even save on the postage.
  14. We are constantly at your service, with 0-24 availability at weekends as well, continuously monitoring phone calls and e-mails.
  15. For safety reasons, we have more domain e-mail addresses. In case of any disruption, we can keep in touch with our clients and translators through another one.
  16. We use the most modern pay-program for file conversion, so we can offer the translation of texts not only in Word but also in PDF, JPG or other non-editable file formats, e.g. photos - in excellent quality.

If you need any translation, proofreading or editing, contact us now!



Business translation from MET Translation Office: our most important benefit for companies and other business types:

  • Based on customer feedbacks, one of our company's greatest advantages is that we always meet deadlines.
  • This is very important to our customers because preparing the text on their part is typically a lengthy process involving complex teamwork, which is completed by the last link: translation - therefore meeting the translation deadline is of particular importance to them.
  • For example, just think about it: missing the deadline of translating an annual report or an audit protocol would subsequently destroy the work of a high number of people from junior accountants through leaders to auditors.
  • When translating contracts, it is also essential to meet the translation deadlines, since failure to meet such deadlines may result in postponing the next hearing, or even the business transaction itself may fail as well.
  • Another feature of the business translation we offer is that we are aware of the value of the time and work spent on important texts - e.g. agreements, resolutions, annual accounts, registration court documents, tender documentation, user’s manuals, medical documents - sent to us by our customers for translation, so it is especially important for them that the translation is prepared in the appropriate quality.
  • All colleagues of MET Translation Office are aware of the responsibility for meeting deadlines when it comes to business translations.  To achieve this goal, we are willing to work overtime or at weekends as well, without any extra charge.


How do we take special care at MET Translation Office to prepare our business translations in excellent quality?

  • That is why we only engage qualified, experienced and dutiful translators with the appropriate background knowledge that is essential for accurate translation.
  • We work with tested translators whose reliability has previously been proven several times.
  • The completed translations are always revised and the translation is compared to the original text.
  • Then the translated text is carefully read through again to ensure fluency and checking of the style, and finally, another spell-check is performed.


In the case of translations prepared for large corporations, it is often common to have some kind of 'internal vocabulary', using a common jargon.

  • If a customer sends us a word list or other reference materials, we will integrate them exactly in the business translation.
  • MET Translation Office has the appropriate technical background for this process.

Is Proofreading the Same as Text Correction?


Proofreading = Text Correction?

Proofreading does actually include the correction of texts in the conventional meaning, for example, the correction of spelling.

However, proofreading covers a much wider range of services.


The Purpose of Proofreading

When proofreading, it is also our goal to provide you with the best solutions in terms of terminology, grammatical structures, style, and format.


The Process of Proofreading

1) After sending us the text, you will be asked about the intended platform and target audience of the proofread text. This information helps us in devising the style of the text, and the level of expertise of potential readers.

The style of the text is adjusted accordingly, and more or less technical terms are included.

It is also an important aspect, whether the text will be published in written form (for reading), or it is intended for oral communication (presentation, defending a thesis or a Ph.D. thesis). The latter one is more important for the audience because they do not see the text, and thus, in such cases, we use shorter sentences that are easier to follow.

2) If possible, we also ask for the original text that was previously used for the translation. When comparing it to the translation, we can follow the original intention of the writer more easily.

3) Then the two texts are scrolled next to each other in parallel view, and we correct any differences or missing parts in the content

4) It is followed by comparing the two texts once again; and any errors in grammar, vocabulary, and style are corrected. We offer the best possible solutions for the reader or the audience.

It is a frequent issue that - for example, with theses or doctoral dissertations - although the text is clear and it contains few grammar mistakes, its wording is too simple, uses common expressions, which do not correspond to the requirements of the examination board at the university.

We are able to improve such texts substantially and ensure that the students achieve good or excellent results. Upon request, we also offer preparation for the oral defense. You can find more information about this service here: English Teaching

5) As the next step of the proofreading work, we read the translated text, and where fluency requires it, or where it would sound strange or even weird for the native speaker or listener, we modify the terminology, the grammatical structure, the word order, or the style, to ensure that it matches the original text.

6) The next step is comparing the form and structure of the translation to those of the original text. We carefully examine the layout of the text, the location of the columns and paragraphs, as well as any numbering.  We also pay attention to the caption of figures and pictures.

The font type, style, size, and any special effects are checked as well.

In the case of theses, Ph.D. or DLA dissertations, and professional articles, we always coordinate with the client about the form requirements specified by the higher education institution.

We are proud to say that the theses or doctoral dissertations proofread by our Office always achieved good or excellent results

7) Finally, we check for and correct any spelling mistakes.


Why Do We Let The Translation 'Rest' for a While Before the Final Check?

If the deadline allows for it, we prefer to 'sleep on' the proofread text, or at least 'let it rest' for a few hours before the last reading and submission.

During the process of repeated readings and corrections, the reviewer can identify with the original intentions of the author of the text, which can lead to bias.

However, after a few hours of 'rest', we can examine the text objectively again.


How Shall We Keep Contact with You During the Proofreading Process?

  • While working, we continuously collect the arising questions and the problems to be solved.
  • Most of them will be solved as we come to a better understanding of the text.
  • After the proofreading is completed, we will send the remaining 1-2 questions to you.


Is the Rate of Proofreading More Favourable Than the Rate of Translation?

Half of the current translation rate is charged for proofreading. So this is 50% of the price we would ask for a translation. Therefore, it can be stated that the rate of proofreading is especially favourable for our clients.

Characteristics of Translating User Manuals


Clarity is the most important for the users of manuals

  • When translating a user manual or any other technical specification, the most important aspect is to ensure that the instructions of the translated text are clear for the user.
  • When reading it, the user needs to understand it easily and quickly, so that there is no need to look up anything in the original text or about the images.


The most important qualities of technical translators

  • Therefore, user manuals and other technical specifications are translated by our most experienced translators.
  • They  - in addition to native-level language skills - also have technical qualifications and an outstanding grasp of the relevant technical field. In this way, they are able to project the situation of users or professionals using technical translations.
  • The translators of MET Translation Office are committed to the language(s) and technical topics they translate; therefore besides understanding the texts, they always check the technical background as well.


The translators of manuals must be precise, conscientious and able to bear responsibility

  • The translation of user manuals requires a high degree of precision and dedication , and it also comes with a certain responsibility.
  • We often translate the manuals of high-value machinery where accident prevention sections are also of great importance. Any translation errors in these texts may result in serious health risks.
  • All translators working for MET Translation Office are dedicated to checking each technical term in order to produce the most accurate translation .
  • This process is assisted by the latest digitalized technical dictionaries that are developed and updated by technical translators and engineers on an ongoing basis.


About the appearance of the texts, pictures, tables, graphs, charts and their titles in the translations of manuals

  • MET Translation Office needs to carefully prepare user manuals for translation, since most of them are received in a non-editable format, e.g.:  PDF or photography in JPG .
  • So these need to be converted in a way that not only the texts, but the images are also turned into an editable format, while the original quality of the images is retained.
  • The latest version of an  expensive, world-class converting program that we have bought is of great assistance in this process.
  • During the preparation of the texts for translations, we also ensure that the translated texts, images, backgrounds, colours, as well as the appearance and format of the pages are the same as those in the original user manual .

In case you need the translation of a user manual or any other technical specification, please feel free to ask for a quote: Request for Quote

About Our Website Translations


What Are the Benefits of Choosing MET Translation Office?

  • At MET, we make every effort to ensure that the translation of the website, blog or any other internet platform you have ordered will attract as many customers - and in this way as much profit - from other countries as possible.
  • For this purpose, our web translators will, to the maximum degree, identify with the business interests and the products or services of our clients.
  • During the translation of online texts, our translators will carefully retain the look and structure of your website, blog, press release, or any other promotional material.
  • In order to help the work of our clients, captions of photos are translated in a format and at a length that is easy to insert.


How Do We Meet the Needs of Foreign Markets?

  • If you choose MET Translation Office and order the translation or proofreading of your website, blog or any other online advertising materials from us, you can be sure to get professional and precise work that will also appeal to the members of your chosen foreign target group(s).
  • Both the style and the content of our translations and proofreading will meet the generally accepted standards of online texts in the given foreign target market.
  • We are proud of our website translators as - in addition to having spent several years living abroad - they are constantly training themselves in their field of expertise.
  • Before starting the translation, we expect our translators to always check out the websites and other online appearances of their competitors with regards to the description of the products or services to be translated.
  • Technical terms are translated with exceptional accuracy, professionalism, and attention to the details - and then such terms are used consistently throughout the translation.
  • When online texts are translated or proofread - at MET Translation Office - we also take into account the aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • For this purpose, we analyze the characteristics of terms and styles used by foreign websites advertising the same products or services that rank on the top of the Google search list.
  • During translation or proofreading, we strive to achieve even better results to ensure that your website will get the highest possible ranking in the Google search list.


What Extras Can We Offer in Addition to Translations?

  1. You can entrust the proofreading (checking and correction) of the existing translation of your online texts to MET Translation Office.
  2. We guarantee - with the expertise and experience of our online translators - that these will cause no problems for you in the future.
  3. The fee of proofreading is also favourable as it is only 50% of the fee that we would charge for the translation of the same text.


How Do We Integrate Our Translation into Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process?

  • The interests of our clients are of primary importance for us, therefore, during translation or proofreading, we are ready to adapt to the instructions of their web developer and/or SEO specialist.
  • We check the foreign language equivalents of their Hungarian keywords in Google Ads Keyword Planner, as well as other foreign website and keyword research tools.
  • Then, we incorporate such keywords into the translated text with their inflected forms and synonyms (words of similar, though not identical meaning), which are the most suitable for SEO (with low CPC/PPC and high CTR/CPA values), as well as long-tail keywords consisting of more than 2 or 3 words besides the above keywords.
  • When we select the frequency of the keywords, our goal is to achieve that Google will find the text natural; and the website, blog or any other online advertisement will appear at the top of the search list.
  • Based on many years of experience of the web translators, as well as on our advanced technical background, you may also request us to insert certain parts of the translated text between the HTML codes of the original text, as appropriate.


Who is Recommended to Use Our Translation and Proofreading Services?

  • Domestic and foreign large enterprises, medium and small businesses, private entrepreneurs or individuals can equally have a peace of mind when ordering the translation of a website, blog, or any other online text, or the proofreading of their existing translations from us.
  • We guarantee that the translated or proofread texts prepared by our conscientious, skilled and experienced translators will attract a lot more customers from abroad than from Hungary.


How to Request a Quote?

  1. We read the text you have sent, or the linked website, blog, or any other online material, and determine its length and degree of difficulty.
  2. The translation fee is calculated based on the length of the original text, so you will not be faced with an unpleasant surprise in respect of the costs after the translation or proofreading has been completed.
  3. Then, we send you our quote for the translation or proofreading.
  4. After receiving your confirmation about the acceptance of the fee, we agree on the deadline.



How Can You Contact Us If You Have Any More Questions?

Please fill in the Contact Form below and we will call or write you back as soon as possible.

Our English Translators Are Special


Why Are Our English Translators Special?

  • The English translators who work for us have a special place in our hearts as we had started our translation activity in this language more than 15 years ago.
  • A common feature of our English translators is that they gained such experiences already in their early childhood, which made them passionately committed to learning and using English.
  • Due to their talent and diligence, most of them already reached a high level of English by the end of their grammar school studies.
  • They spent more years living in an English speaking country, e.g.: in the United States or in Great Britain.


English Translators Could Get Their Qualifications in Two Different Ways:

  • Some of them chose English as their major subject at the university and studied English intensively on the highest level for 5 years to get their diplomas.
  • They had 15-20 lessons per week about the geography, history, economy, arts and daily habits of English speaking countries.
  • Then, they studied 2 more years to receive their diploma as an English translator.
  • During this time, besides learning general English, they were eager to absorb the special vocabulary and grammatical structures of their optionally chosen specialist area, for example, economy, law, technical or medical sciences, etc.
  • Others studied a profession at college or university, e.g. economist, lawyer, medical doctor, while they passed the high-level English language exam successfully.
  • By this time they realized being so much committed to English that they decided to get a high-level qualification as a professional English translator.
  • No matter how they became professional translators - ever since their university studies - they have been doing their best to grab the opportunity to practice English abroad in the form of scholarships, working abroad, going on longer trips as tourists, or visiting friends and relatives abroad.


The Most Important Aspects of Choosing our English Translators:

  • excellent knowledge of English,
  • thorough knowledge of the English of a profession, e.g.: economy, law, technical or medical sciences,
  • professionalism,
  • responsible attitude to translation,
  • precision.

We are proud of our carefully selected English translators of general and professional texts who we can safely recommend to our present and would-be clients as well. If you also need a high-quality English translation, ask for a quote now: Request for Quote

How to Request a Translation Quote?

Steps of requesting a translation or proofreading quote The easiest way to request a quote for translation is by filling in and submitting a Request for Quote

  • Please enter your name and email address , and we will contact you within 1 hour. (Your personal data are kept strictly confidential)
  • Entering the company name and phone number is optional.
  • Since the Request for Quote form only offers English-Hungarian/Hungarian-English language pairs to choose from, >in the 'Description' box, please, specify the language you need the text to be translated to.
  • Then,click on the hand icon for the simple upload of the text you want to be translated.

The texts uploaded via the website for the translation quotes are not displayed on the website; they are forwarded to our password-protected email account. Each text, as well as your personal information, is kept strictly confidential. Any texts received for quotation and not resulting in a translation will be deleted.

What will happen after you have sent your request for a quote?

  • Within a few minutes you will be notified via e-mail - and upon request in SMS as well - that your request for quote was received, and we will agree on a due date for completing the translation. >We always keep the deadline!
  • Then you will receive our price quote and we will wait for your response. We are not required to register for VAT, meaning that our price quote does not include VAT, and no VAT is added to the quoted price of the translation.

We do not require any advance payment from our customers!

If you accept the price quote and order the translation, you will be asked to send us your billing name and address .

  • If you do not accept the quote, the text is immediately and permanently deleted together with your personal data.
  • After reading the text to be translated, we contact the translators who are most qualified for the translation of the text in question.
  • Then, we select the translator who is able to deliver the professional translation of the text within the specified period.
  • After this, our translator starts preparing the translation.
  • Before the deadline, the translator delivers the completed translation to our office, which is followed by quality control.
  • The translated text is reviewed very carefully, it is compared to the original word by word, and then it is read through again to ensure the appropriate smoothness of the text. A spell check is run, and the file is opened and closed several times to ensure that you will have no such difficulties.
  • We issue the invoice to the name and address you provided, within the closed, numbered system of The invoice is valid without signature or stamp; it is issued with a due date of 31 days.
  • Before the expiry of the deadline, we will send you the completed translation and the invoice by email. Upon request, we will also send the translation and the invoice on paper, by post.
  • Confirmation of your receipt of the translation is absolutely necessary because this is the only way we can make sure that you have received the translation.
  • The translator sends us his/her invoice, and we will make payment upon receipt thereof.
  • By the expiry of the due date of the invoice we issued (usually 31 days, however, in case of regular customers or bulk orders, it may vary upon request of our customers), you will transfer us the translation fee.

Why Should Doctors Translate Medical Documents?

7 reasons why MET Translation Office employs doctors to translate medical documents:

  1. The translation of medical documents, e.g.: discharge summaries, medical records, certificates of health status, carries great responsibility as these will be used by the next doctors during the further treatments of patients.
  2. Consequently, translation errors in such texts may create serious health hazards.
  3. The doctors who translate medical documents must understand not only the texts of such documents. They also have to know the medical background of them.
  4. They must have sufficient background knowledge and medical experience to be able to recognize and interpret the technical terms and abbreviations that are used by the doctors.
  5. Medical documents also contain a lot of terms in Latin, often in abbreviated forms , which also have to be translated correctly.
  6. In addition, the precise translation of numbers that are listed, for example, in the discharges summaries and their measurement units also requires a high-level professional background.
  7. Finally, medical documents contain a lot of confidential personal information. The preservation of such confidential personal data by the doctor translators is of particular interest to the patients . The doctors who prepare our medical translations are able to meet all the above requirements and they have been committed to the languages they translate to/from for a long time.

Thus, if you need the translation of medical documents, e.g.: discharge summaries, medical records or any other certificates, you can contact us with confidence.

You can call us: +36 30 546 0396(24 hours per day including weekends)

The uploaded texts arrive at our domain email account secured by an SSL authorization. Compliant to the GDPR regulations, all personal information, texts, and translations will be treated strictly confidentially. Texts that are not translated by us will be irreversibly deleted.
We can offer all of our services exempted from VAT as our company is not registered under VAT. Naturally, we will provide you with an invoice through the official, sequential system of számlá Our invoices are considered paper-based and are payable by bank transfer.