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Címünk: 1149 Budapest, Pillangó Park 14/A
fióktelep: 2400 Dunaújváros, Bocskai I. u. 7/A fszt. 2.


Who are we?

Translators, proofreaders and language teachers. Three different jobs.

Each career starts with the love of languages. However, they require different training and personality types.

This is why MET Translation Office and Language Teaching employs different professionals
for translation, proofreading and language teaching.




  • "We are going to come back to you as we are contented with your work and the speed of it" Kft., Barbara Stampfler (regular customer)

    Translation office: professional translation of user's guide to the general business conditions, GTC, employee non-disclosure agreement, product descriptions, job advertisement, employee satisfaction survey, onboarding guide, general conditions of employment, guaranty policy, texts related to maintaining customer contacts on Amazon; translation and localization of website and mobile application

  • Thank you very much for your contribution, as well as for the nice and quick job you have done. If someone asks me about a translation office, I am sure I will recommend you.

    KE-MI VILL Bt., András Kenesei

    Translation office: professional translation of polarization index (PI) tests: cable, generator, motor and synchronous motor, rotating machinery, transformer; of tests: insulation resistance, dielectric discharge, step voltage and custom step voltage, ramp rotating machinery insulation and step voltage, of the instruction manual for DENKA LIFTS DK7 MK21 and DK7 MK22

  • I would like to express my thanks for the high quality language trainings you have provided to me at MOL Rt. I am contented with the level of your education. Focusing on speaking has proved to be effective as my speaking skills have noticeably improved. I have been able to use the materials of your exercises during my daily work as well as at the language exam.

    MOL, Eva Mészárosné Székely

    Language teaching: personalized, tailor-made English language training, successful preparation for a language exam.

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What Makes a Translation Certified?

  • An important condition is that the text should be translated by a certified, professional translator.
  • In addition to learning the foreign language, translators also learn a number of skills that are essential for a translation to be considered certified.


The Responsibility of Certified Translators and the Criteria of Certified Translations:

  • Certified or sworn translators are aware of the fact that the translation of official texts, for example, contracts, corporate documents, certificates, medical records or official letters must accurately reflect the content of the original text. They may not omit or add anything, even if, for example, they find the text of a contract too complicated, since it is not a coincidence that the lawyer wrote it in this form. This requires a high degree of humility from the translator towards both the client and the topics; therefore, translators for such tasks are selected with special care.
  • Our translators are aware of the responsibilities arising from the fact that the official texts represent great value for the clients, since - in many cases - business deals worth millions are involved in concluding a contract or signing a bank loan/opening a bank account/corporate documents submitted to the Court of Company Registration. For this reason, they pay special attention to the proper translation of not only the texts, but also of the names, addresses, figures, or identifiers included therein.
  • The same applies to translations prepared for individuals since the translation of a school certificate may affect an excellent job or further education opportunity, or an accurate translation of medical records may affect health itself, as well as the good reputation of the medical professional(s) using that translation. Our translators are fully aware of the significance of the above, therefore, there is an increased focus on accuracy in the case of such translations, and they are also revised several times before delivery.
  • Compliance with the formal requirements is an important part of official translations. We ensure that the translation matches the appearance of the original text including the structure of the text, listings, highlights, and tables. We use the latest converting program for converting certificates and other materials received in formats that are not writable (editable) documents, and in this way, we are able to keep the original layout of the document. The translation of original signatures and seals (stamps) is also included underneath.


In What Form Do We Issue the Official Translations?

  • Our official translations are accompanied with an attestation sheet (also called: translator's clause) which guarantees that the text of the translation corresponds to the original text; and it is stamped and signed as well. In case the translation is for use abroad, the attestation is written in the appropriate foreign language. Now we offer the attestation free of charge.
  • Then we print, bind, and scan the translation, the original text, and the attestation, and send them in 1 PDF file to our client. The binding cord will be shown on the side of the sheet.
  • Upon request, we also mail the translation - with priority and registered mail - the cost should be around HUF 450-650 depending on the number of pages.


Where Are Our Official Translations Accepted?

  • Our translations are always accepted abroad - from Austria through the United States and Malta to Australia - by banks, courts, embassies or other authorities.
  • In the case of use in Hungary, the authorities' positions vary. Therefore, before ordering a translation, it is necessary for you to ask about this at the place where you are going to submit the translation. This also saves time and money in some cases, since, for example, pursuant to the new Act CXXX of 2016 on Civil Procedure, in civil litigation cases it is not always required to submit a certified translation of the original documents.
  • Pursuant to Resolution No.: 24/1986 (June 26.) of the Council of Ministers, the certificates of incorporation and other company documents that we translate are accepted by the Court of Company Registration.

Please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to ensure that you can use our translation effectively: Request for Quote







You can call us: +36 30 546 0396 or +36 1 221 2866 (24 hours per day including weekends)




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