Learning Parrot Fashion or by Quizlet?

  • Is logic one of your strong points?
  • Do you find it hard to memorize new words?
  • Are you bored with learning parrot fashion for long hours?
  • Do you have little time for learning?

After long years of searching, I have found an easy solution. And what's more? It's free of charge!

Once, when I was an examiner at the Euro language exam, I realized how discontented the other teacher was with the vocabulary of the candidates.

So I asked her: "How do you achieve that your students know the words better?"

"We use Quizlet!", she said enthusiastically. "You just visit the site of Quizlet on the net, register yourself, and then you can create your own sets of words and expressions," she added.

I tried it already during that week. To test it, I wrote word cards for myself with not the most interesting special technical terms of financial English.

Next day, using my mobile phone on the tram, I started to practice them playfully (matching, spelling, asking myself from English to Hungarian and vice versa, 'Gravity', testing myself with a time limit) Suddenly, I realized that I was two tram stops further than I had originally wanted to travel! I was so deeply immersed (=involved) in learning the words playfully, while I was testing myself with shorter and shorter time limits that I forgot to get off the tram!

If you want to know more about the benefits of Quizlet, please watch the speech Andrew Shuterland, who invented this application: Speech of the inventor of Quizlet

Try learning words with Quizlet! I am sure you will enjoy it!

Click here now: Quizlet

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