Characteristics of Translating User’s Manuals

Clarity is the most important for the users of manuals

  • When translating user’s manuals and other technical specifications, the most important aspect is to ensure that the instructions of the translated text are clear for the user.
  • When reading it, the user needs to understand it easily and quickly, so that there is no need to look up anything in the original text or in the images.

The most important qualities of technical translators

  • Therefore, user’s manuals and other technical specifications are translated by our most experienced translators.
  • They - in addition to native-level language skills - also have technical qualifications and an outstanding grasp of the relevant technical field. In this way, they are able to project the situation of users or professionals using technical translations.
  • Our translators are committed to the language(s) and technical topics they translate; therefore besides understanding the texts, they always check the technical background as well.

The translators of manuals must be precise, conscientious and able to bear responsibility

  • The translation of user’s manuals requires a high degree of precision and dedication, and it also comes with a certain responsibility.
  • We often translate the manuals of high-value machinery where accident prevention sections are also of great importance. Any translation errors in these texts may result in serious health risks.
  • All translators working for MET Translation Office are dedicated to checking each technical term in order to produce the most accurate translation.
  • This process is assisted by the latest digitalized technical dictionaries that are developed and updated by technical translators and engineers on an ongoing basis.

About the appearance of the texts, pictures, tables, graphs, charts and their titles in the translations of manuals

  • Our office needs to carefully prepare the user’s manuals for translation, since most users’ manuals are received in a non-editable format, e.g.: PDF or photography in JPG.
  • So they need to be converted in a way that not only the text, but the images are also turned into an editable format, while the original quality of the images is also retained.
  • The latest version of an expensive, world-class converting program that we have bought is of great assistance in this process.
  • During the preparation of the texts for translations, we also ensure that the translated texts, images, backgrounds, colors, as well as the appearance and format of the pages are the same as those in the original user’s manual.

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