Translation and proofreading

In our translation office you can ask for:

  • a free test translation
  • a free quotation
  • and we will grant confidentiality automatically.

We calculate our translation fee based on the number of characters in the translatable text.

What does character mean?

1 character = 1 letter (without the spaces)

In our experience, one page usually contains about 1250-3000 characters depending on the width of the margins, the density of the letters and lines, on the size and number of pictures/ graphs/ tables, as well as on the size of the letters. The really dense text of a legal document naturally consists of much more characters than a technical manual or a webpage with loose text and a lot of pictures.

In case of a Word document, you can quickly check the number of characters in your text by clicking on

  1. Review tab (on the top),
  2. Word Count
  3. number of characters without space

When we calculate the translation fee, we multiply the number of characters in your text with the character price we can offer to the particular text. The character price depends on the difficulty of the text and on the number of words that are repeated in the text. We can check the repetitions by a special programme and we will send you the statistics of them upon request.

We offer a specific quotation to each translation including DISCOUNTS (e.g.: 10% for students/ large texts).


Ask for our offer at: Request for Quote

We will issue a paper-based invoice on our work through számlá, if otherwise not agreed, payable by transfer within 31 days, exclusive of VAT. 

Language Teaching, Exam Preparation

1 lesson=45 minutes

Teaching at our own location

In-company courses 

Teaching on Skype

(per lesson)

HUF 6500

HUF 8000

HUF 5000 

In small groups
(per lesson)

HUF 4000/person

HUF 4500/person

HUF 3500/person


At MET Kft., we offer 1-5 days' 4-8 hours/day intensive language trainings in general and business English.

These can complement or replace your existing language courses. To save time and money, these can be held at your workplace as well.

As these trainings are absolute tailor-made and can be held individually or in groups.

To receive a specific offer, please click on Request for quote

For immediate information, you can call: +36 30 546 0396 or +36 1 221 2866

Preparation for a Job Interview/ Protection of a Doctoral Thesis

1. Needs analysis - free of charge

2. Preparation/correction and translation of your application, CV and letter of motivation - from HUF 2,000-3,000/each.

3. Translation of official documents, for example, school certificates, certificate of good conduct, birth certificate with a clause free of charge.

4. Providing and practising effective, but diplomatic answers to questions from your previous job interviews and/or to typical job interview questions at our own location: HUF 4,500/ 45 min, on Skype: HUF 4,500/ 45 min.

5. Preparation for unexpected, difficult or sensitive questions - with our large collection of such questions - at our own location: HUF 5,000/ 45 min, on Skype: HUF 4,000/ 45 min.

6. Preparation for describing the strength of the applicant, correcting mistakes and distracting the attention of the interviewers from major deficiencies - at our own location: HUF 5,000/45 min, on Skype: HUF 4,500 Ft./ 45 min. (1-2 X 45 minutes/ week are usually enough for the preparation depending on the sincerity, openness and previous preparation of the candidate).

7. Preparation for different interview types - ask for a quote depending on the number of different types you need.

8. Negotiating salary requirements: HUF 2,500.

9. Asking questions about the targeted job and workplace: HUF 2,500.

10. Offering solutions to special needs: please click on Request for quote

11. Preparation by email or on Skype, Viber or Facetime: HUF 4,500/ 45 min.

12. Preparation at our own location: HUF 5,000/ 45 min.

Preparation for Expanding Business Abroad

 1 occasion=45minutes

Preparing at our On Location

Preparing on Skype

(per lesson)

HUF 4,500

HUF 4,000

In small groups
(per lesson)

HUF 3,000/person

HUF 2,500/person

We will do our best to respond to your request as soon as possible, but maximum within 1,5 hour – after the normal working hours and at weekends as well.

We treat all personal information and texts confidentially.

Naturally, we will provide you with an invoice on all forms of our preparation, which is exclusive of VAT and can be paid in cash or by bank transfer as you wish.

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If you need immediate information, please call: +36 30 546 0396 or +36 1 221 2866

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