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Online Teaching

What are the advantages of learning English by Skype / Viber / Face Time?

  1. It is comfortable.
  2. It is relaxed.
  3. It only needs a mobile phone.
  4. It is efficient.
  5. The teacher will write - not you.
  6. You will have a lot of time to speak.
  7. You will learn fast.
  8. You will get high-quality listening practice.
  9. You can prepare for exams or interviews.
  10. You can learn alone, with a pair or in a small group.
  11. It is intensive and focused.
  12. You can learn during your trips.
  13. You can learn from hotel rooms.
  14. You can even learn from abroad.
  15. It is cheaper than other forms of learning.


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15 more benefits of learning English online:

  1. Besides being comfortable, it saves you time, energy and money as there is no need to travel to the lessons.
  2. It minimizes the stress caused by language learning.
  3. A mobile phone is enough to start learning by Skype, ZOOM, Viber, or FaceTime, no special investment is required.
  4. As efficient as traditional language learning.
  5. The focus is on speaking as during the lesson the words and expressions are written into Skype/Quizlet by the teacher who sends them to the student at the end of the lesson.
  6. You will have more time for speaking English without having to take notes.
  7. It is fast and flexible; the excellent coursebooks we use can be supplemented by extra materials. These are scanned into our computerized collection so we are able to send them as soon as they are needed.
  8. We have the most modern microphones so we are able to solve the development of your listening skills on a high level.
  9. You can successfully prepare with it for a language exam or a job interview, even for the protection of your Ph.D./DLA.
  10. At MET Kft. we are flexible so you can choose from learning with a pair or in a small group to save money for you.
  11. High intensity: by Skype learning students automatically focus on the microphone and the camera during the lessons.
  12. You can learn while you are traveling, even in your car or on the train through your mobile devices so you will save the time that people normally waste by traveling.
  13. During your business trips or your holiday, you can learn from your hotel room.
  14. You can learn from abroad if you are already working or studying there.
  15. We can offer you the lowest of our hourly fees in case of online teaching:
Online teaching on Skype/ ZOOM/ Face Time/ Viber (1 lesson = 45 minutes)  
Individually  (per lesson) HUF 5,500/ person
In small groups  (per lesson) (2-4 persons) HUF 3,500/ person


15 advantages  we can guarantee if you learn the language online with us:

  1. The main advantage of the Skype lessons that are available at MET Kft. is not being at a fixed location. You can save a lot of time, energy, and money with our online English lessons as you will not have to travel to their location. You will not have to worry about being late because of traffic jams.
  2. You can participate in the lessons in the environment you are used to, at home or in your office, in a relaxed atmosphere, which is especially useful for shy students.
  3. We have had a student who was always busy traveling to the countryside on business so he developed his speaking and listening in business English with us from his car.
  4. This also shows that our courses do not need any extra technical equipment. A mobile phone is enough to take part in them if you do not insist on the comfort of a tablet, laptop, or a PC.
  5. Online lessons at MET Kft. are as serious and efficient as any other traditional teaching. When you are sitting in front of Skype, you can go on with your favorite English coursebook as we use the same methods and teaching materials supplemented by the opportunities offered by modern technology.
  6. For example, during the lesson, the teacher can write every new word with their Hungarian meanings and pronunciation into Skype or Quizlet. You will get these already during the lesson, there is no need to take notes so you can practice English more efficiently.
  7. The list of words and expressions will be in the Skype of the teacher so you can repeat and practice them at the next lesson easily or - if you require - you can be tested from them.
  8. This is also very useful to practice difficult words. You will get an excellent practice of listening and understanding through the really modern, high-quality microphones of our teachers.
  9. If you have special difficulties with any aspect of the language during the lesson, we can scan and email you the materials that are necessary to solve them immediately after your lesson.
  10. You can send your homework to be checked by email so the teacher will be able to correct it before the lesson and you will have more time to practice speaking.
  11. With the same technique, we can also prepare you for the language exam, for a job interview or to protect your doctoral thesis. We teach consistently, however, we also adjust to the needs of our students in a flexible way.
  12. Online, e.g.: with Skype/ ZOOM/ Viber/ FaceTime, we can teach you both in pairs or in small groups, which can further decrease the costs of learning.
  13. In our experience, another advantage of learning by Skype is that students automatically focus on the microphone and the camera so their attention cannot be distracted by any external factor, e.g.: some noise from the street or a twittering bird. In this way, they can really concentrate on learning.
  14. With online, for example, Skype teaching, due to our thorough and conscientious approach, we are able to achieve as good or even better results than with the traditional ways of language teaching. 15; We can offer this possibility, especially for those who have to travel a lot or live in the countryside or often go on trips abroad.


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