At MET Kft., we offer:

  • super-intensive language trainings
  • in business or professional English,
  • for 4-8 hours per day for 1-5 days’
  • in-company or at a selected venue


  • business English: developing speaking skills and vocabulary;
  • general English: developing speaking skills in for everyday use;
  • English grammar: systemizing and practice;
  • preparation for language exams: all types of exams;
  • catching up with colleagues: for those who are lagging behind due to being busy or ill;
  • listening, speaking, reading, writing: skills development;
  • presentations: general skills development, preparation for specific presentations;
  • telephone techniques: developing vocabulary, style, understanding, ‘survival strategies’;
  • business correspondence: systemising, extension and practice of the vocabulary of a given workplace;
  • combination of the above: according to the needs of the participants.


Needs analysis:

We hold English language trainings for both individuals and groups. We offer in-company trainings or at a venue selected by you, even at weekends

One or two weeks before the trainings, they may be preceded by a short (max. 15-21 mins./person) informal meeting - at a site specified by you - with the participants and/or their managers to agree on the details. The aim of this is to discuss your specific needs, the level of your language knowledge and the topics, situations you are interested in, as well as the problematic grammar points you would like to practise. If you have no time for this, your requests are welcome by email as well.


We prepare the training materials based on the specific requirements the clients and on our more decades of language teaching experience. We use of the best-quality Hungarian and international professional literature by flexibly adjusting it to the needs of the participants.


  • our trainings are more efficient than usual language courses so you will be able to replace your existing company courses or can make them more effective;
  • the participants of our trainings are usually colleagues working close to each other and having similar knowledge of the language, which makes their communication in the foreign language much easier. Coming from the same environment and having to face similar challenges during their work makes them more confident and efficient during their communication in English as well;
  • the participants receive similar tasks during their work consequently, the professional vocabulary, the expressions and grammatical structures they need are largely the same. Thus we are able to suit the materials of the trainings to the specific requirements of the particular workplace and/or to the needs of the participants in a flexible way;
  • the case studies, communicative tasks and roles plays used by the highly qualified colleagues of MET Kft. are also based on the problems that arise during the work of the participants who can practise the foreign language effectively by solving these;
  • you can save time and money with our trainings as we present and practise the required material as fast as possible. Your energy will not be wasted on rarely used or outdated language elements;
  • based on the feedback of our previous participants, by the end of the goal-oriented trainings held by MET Kft., they were able to communicate more efficiently, in a more sophisticated way, yet, at the same time, more easily in the foreign language, which also increased the efficiency of their professional work;

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